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    Born out of intense personal hardship, Les Rav is the musical brainchild of Lauren Bruno, an energetic and waifish young woman who's cheery demeanor hardly belies the haunting ethereal quality of the melodies she composes. To Bruno, Les Rav represents many things -- certainly music, but also a very important message and artistic connection. The multifaceted nature of the group's musical efforts is a crucial element for the rest of the band, which includes Caleb Hans on violin,David Thomas Jones on bass, Robert Wills on drums, and Andrew Noble on guitar and viola.

    Bruno, keyboardist, songstress, and writer of the band's material arrived here in Austin after completing her artistic education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. With evident songwriting ability, a dulcet voice, and her keyboard she is determined to artistically translate, share, and grow from her experiences. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis early on in life, Bruno has had her fair share of illness and hard times. However, she has taken these challenges in stride and used them to not only make her stronger, but to connect with the human experience at large through her music. "Les RAV really started out as something that was healing for me," she says; "The name started out being a place I could reach peace with myself through all the hardships." While her music may be rooted in her personal struggles, the name of the band is similarly rooted in Bruno's personal history. She explains, "I was raised Jewish and was in the choir starting at a very young age. I was very connected to a song called Shalom Rav which means abundant peace. I was looking up French words and I stumbled upon a translation of to accept or to not refuse and I just morphed the 2 words." The result? Les Rav was born.

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