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    "Beautiful and unsettling music." - The Fader

    "Characteristically creating pop music that is both cruel and beautiful, otherworldly and organic." - DUMMY Magazine

    "Sonic equivalent of a ghost story told around a campfire." - Prefix Magazine

    "Dreamy bedroom pop." - XLR8R

    "The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that's intimate and intricate. There's a poetry to it that speaks of complex natural processes" - MTV Iggy

    "Beautiful sounds" - BBC Introducing

    "Otherworldly pop... destined for inclusion on the soundtrack to a very cool movie about five years from now" - AOL Radio

    "Cruel beauty" - Impose Magazine

    "Dark, near-industrial dance groove and singing that oscillates between angelic whispers and vocal manipulations" - Refinery29

    "Approved: Glacial cool..." - CMU Music Network

    "Ominous sonics and thick atmospherics." XLR8R

    "Shoegazing, electronic pop dream taken to a whole new level" - No Fear Of Pop

    "Beautifully blends acoustic and electronic instrumentation with gorgeous melodies, vocals, and ambient sounds. They've produced extraordinary remixes, along with incredible originals." - InYourSpeakers

    ":papercutz has commissioned a remix album of his work which reads like a who's who of contemporary ambient. Remix records are often, by their very nature, frustratingly inconsistent, but thankfully Do Outro Lado Do Espello represents a notably coherent and engaging exception." Drowned in Sound

    "Stitched together with the same precision as Four Tet." Record Collector

    "On his debut full-length release Lylac, Bruno Miguel (aka :papercutz) creates an arrestingly original experimental pop style by marrying glitch-laden electronics and funky beat programming to soaring vocal melodies evocative of the producer's native Portugal and acoustic instrumentation (piano, strings, xylophone, melodica). The resultant songs are densely packed with micro-sound detail and texture but not so excessively that they collapse under their collective weight....augmented by acoustic guitar shadings, lush female vocals float dreamily over intricate arrangements of tight beat patterns throughout Lylac's forty-seven minutes." Textura

    "Bruno Miguel has created a work which doesn't show off with its diversity but instead presents a whole new vision of what antiquated terms like „Pop", „Electronica" and „Contemporary Composition" might mean in the 21st century. It might be a good idea to ask for other people' s advice at times. But in this case, the best recommendations for Miguel about the future direction of :papercutz is probably to follow his own instincts." Tokafi (Album of the month)

    "A bewitching album that invites you on a fascinating trip into the world folk experimental pop music. One of the best releases in 2008! 10***" Cuemix-magazine

    "Clinically cool 'Lylac' is the eventual debut album from Bruno Miguel's: Papercutz. A mix of woozy soundscapes and ambient beats, 'Lylac' bridges the gap between the inhuman To Rococo Rot and Radiohead's masterful 'Kid A'; blending the inhuman with heart aching beauty, creating a record that's both chilling and joyous at the same time." Subba Cultcha (4/5)

    "'Lylac' by Bruno Miguel's :papercutz project is one of the most extraordinary albums I have heard all year." Echoes And Dust (Top 40 best of the year)

    "It's an LP specialising in a vibrant and emotional blend of electronica, glitch and synth-pop, one that provides the kind of understated intensity perfect for late night introspection." Experimusic

    "Lylac is quite an accomplished form, it's balance between acoustic and electronic approaches is seamless and invisible, vocal presence is foregrounded and yet not dominant, clarity of intonation of the piano, xylophone and melodicia display the technical achievements. Lovers of glitch electronicia, acoustic jazz fusion and classical ambience will be amply rewarded by the sophisticated simplicity of this album." Cyclicdefrost

    "Lylac is ultimately a promising start to what ought to be a brilliant career." The Silent Ballet

    "From digitally manipulated recordings of organic instruments, to organic interpretations of abstract digitalism...I've always thought of our five senses as just receptors of various communication protocols through which we all attempt to send or receive a message. On Lylac, Miguel does just that. He fans out the confetti of his shredded thoughts into our ears where they circle, float, and finally settle to cover the empty spaces occupied by silence." Headphone Comute

    "...elegantly crafted in a pop sense where glitch based idm meets acoustic rhythms and vocals." Emerging Sounds


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