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    The Show is Beautiful-Hollywood Screenwriter Sees Shen Yun


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts have just completed their 3-city run in the L.A. area, including shows in Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, and Los Angeles.

    Being in L.A., a leading Hollywood television and movie screenwriter came to see Shen Yun, even relating the performance to his own line of work.

    [Richard Walter, Screenwriter, TV, Movie]:
    “I loved the show. The show is beautiful, very beautiful. I love that it’s essentially story telling which is what I do and what I–what I teach. And it just tells me that as much as it shared, as is separate among all people, it’s also shared. And that’s beautiful."

    Shen Yun contains a variety of different elements, and Mr. Walter especially noted the costumes.

    [Richard Walter, Screenwriter, TV, Movie]:
    "It’s a beautiful ensemble, many different kinds of craft and art and yet it all works together as a single unified enterprise … costuming, the wardrobe is so exquisite, it’s something I’ve never really seen before. And it’s not just something to wear that looks beautiful, though it does look beautiful, but it’s also a part of the dance. Almost as if the wardrobe itself were dancing."

    Performing Arts has always been something universal, and Mr. Walter found that in Shen Yun.

    [Richard Walter, Screenwriter, TV, Movie]:
    "Very very much deeply religious, very very touching trying to figure out the way the world is, the way it works, the way it doesn’t work, through forces that are bigger than we are that we can't really understand. Very exciting and again very universal. Not just Chinese, but worldwide … It seems–all at once very different from me and very like me, all at the same time and I think that’s what art does very well. It seems to be about somebody else but it’s really about you."

    As the last curtain closes for the 2013 Shen Yun production in the L.A area, Shen Yun has to say farewell to the City of Angels as it looks to the road ahead.

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