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    Mogali Rekulu - Episode - 33


    by teluguserials

    1 976 views
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    The story begins with three young boys Dharma, Satya and Daya and their little sister, Shanti. Four of them are the victims of a family feud and they are joined by their neighbor's kid Keerthana, who is a victim of a mother's innocent passion for music. Hero ACP RK Naidu is a strict, dynamic and responsible IPS officer who marries Shanti. Dharma meets Selva swamy who indulges in illegal activities which brings the enemity between RK and Selva, who attacks RK's family with a bomb blast. The serial is into second generation now having Munna (Mahidhar Naidu), the son of RK Naidu as the hero, grows up in a criminal background as an orphan. Munna falls in love with Devi who is the niece of Selva and they get married. Munna plots to attack DGP RK but later comes to know that he is his father. The story has a lot of twists, drama and touches upon social responsibilities too.