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    Beyoncé Sings National Anthem Live at Press Conference & Admits Lip Syncing


    by ClevverMusic

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    Beyoncé attends a pre-Super Bowl press conference and admits to lip syncing at the President's Inauguration by singing the national anthem live. Hey guys thanks for watching ClevverMusic. January 31st, Beyoncé attended a Super Bowl press conference in New Orleans wearing an all-white dress, opened by saying, "Would you guys mind standing?" and then without any other words started singing the Star Spangled Banner live right there. Of course, she proved to us all that she doesn't need to lip sync, she has an amazing set of pipes. The chilling rendition of the song proved to America that she can in fact sing live. Take that haters!

    After the impromptu performance she explained during the conference why she lip synced at the Inauguration, "I am a perfectionist and one thing about me is I've practiced 'til my feet bleed. And I did not have time to practice with the orchestra," she told the room, "Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking the risk." She also assured us all that she will absolutely be singing live at the Super Bowl halftime this Sunday February 3rd. And our favorite thing she said at the press conference was, "I love haters. No shame, no hate." Beyonce would not give any details about the performance away nor talk about Destiny's Child joining her on stage. We will have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday. Check out her singing the National Anthem at the press conference, there's a link in the description for you guys. Thanks for watching and thanks for subscribing to our channel, see you soon.