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    The Professor- Gas Master pt-1

    John Martello

    by John Martello

    This is part one of two of the only episode of The Professor. A second; "Hershey Von Squirt's Monster" was never finished. The theme music was created for an amateur series based on DOCTOR WHO. The story, and photos of the miniatures assembled so far, were presented to the BBC in hopes of acquiring permission. The BBC declined and requested that the obviously related miniatures be destroyed. The theme will be improved for a potential spin off series of some skits called; DOCTOR WHAT? The first of these skits was posted as 2012: Nothing Happened. That will be the name of the science/ commentary show (which is the skit) in which the tribal member will be producing to raise funds for the tribe who wants him to add the scientific work and electronics into the script.
    The Professor is played by George O'Brien (Frank N. Stein) who is now owner of the Florida Film Investment company and its only product; OLIVER TWISTED.
    I own all rights to this video with the exception of the music from the radio, the logos on the soda cans and any graphics that appear on shirts.