Empower Network | Day 6 | 50K in 90 Days | "Best MLM Close"

Keith Carey
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Empower Network | Day 6 | 50K in 90 Days | "Best MLM Close"

Best MLM Close

As a veteran of 26 years in the MLM Industry I've had the opportunity to learn and try a million closes. I'was trained by some the biggest names in the industry and of all the closing techniques that work, I found this "4 Question Close" to be the one that worked like clockwork almost 100% of the time.

With this closing technique, you would gently get someone to make a decision without coming on too strong or forcing them to do something they really don't want to do.

Best MLM Close

What I like about this close as well is that by the end of the questioning, they will either be in or out. That way you dont have to waste anymore time with them .

Here's how the Best MLM Close goes

Question 1) How much money do you need to make on a monthly basis in order for (insert your company name here) to work for you?

Question 2) How many hours per week are you willing to invest into to (your business) on a weekly basis in order to see X amount of dollars?

Question 3) How long would you give (your business) before you gave up or threw in the towel?

Question 4) If I could show you how to earn X amount of dollars, working X amount of hours per week within (the time period they gave you), would you have any other questions before you get started?

If they have another question, address the question and then go back to #4 again. and continue until they say no. At that point just casually say "Well it sounds like your ready to get started. Are you in front of your computer"?

Best MLM Close works every time and helps you to overcome all of the objections that your prospect may have.

Keep in mind that you would never have to use a close like that if you were to implement Empower Network's Lead Generating Funnel. It works on all MLM's and any business model.

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