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    'Warm Bodies' Review Round-Up


    by ClevverMovies

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    Based on Isaac Marion's short story, "Warm Bodies" serves up a heaping platter of your classic zombies with a tender twist. Now, the undead are capable of flesh eating AND feelings. Find out if this unlikely marriage of horror and rom-com is warm blooded or just lukewarm in this review round up. Warm Bodies is directed by Jonathan Levine, the guy who brought us the heartfelt cancer dramedy '50/50.' The film stars Teresa Palmer as a human survivor of a zombie attack who falls in love with R, a highly unusual zombie played by X-Men First Class star Nicolas Hoult. Well its officially certified fresh on ratings aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, with a 74 percent...and metacritic gave it a 65 out of 100. So while it's not perfect, it might be a worthy box office investment. Richard Roeper says, "I kinda love this movie. "Warm Bodies is a well-paced, nicely directed, post-apocalyptic love story with a terrific sense of humor and the guts to be unabashedly romantic and unapologetically optimistic." Peter DeBruge of Variety agrees! Warm Bodies offers a welcome twist on the living-dead canon, even if the decidedly femme-skewed results ignore pretty much every rule of the genre." But on the other side of the token, Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune feels "Warm Bodies" is somewhat lifeless. Quote "The whole of Warm Bodies, in both its comic and dramatic strains lacks a certain...what...Oomph? Intensity? Invention?" James Berardinelli of Reel Views seconds that review, adding quote "It wants to be funny, charming, scary and dramatic. It ends up being a little of each but not successful as any one." This girl meets zombie tale also stars John Malkovich, Dave Franco and Rob Corddry. Let us know if you plan on seeing the flick this weekend and be sure to leave your review in the comments section below if you do. I'm Simone Boyce in Hollywood and thanks for watching!