Blooming Day - Until It Comes


per ITmYOUsic

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(music Alfred Pante, Martino Cargnel / lyric, Pete Curtis)

We shared an encompassing fate
I hold my hands up
no one warned me
you've healed this
shaft about to fall
With your love restrained
Say you're leaving
on a five thirty train
a homecoming seems meant to be
I can sense no danger at all
whatever my head throws
You give yourself to me
I'm dusting out all the demons
inside me and now
I can take what tomorrow brings

Say you're leaving
on a five thirty train
Sure you made this town a better place
I will wait here for the high tide
Until then please
find the strenght to hold me
And finally I can dive
Is this a matter of fate?
Words won't come
I can't easily hide
Words missed
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