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    Missing Man Found Alive Covered in Leeches

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    A missing man is found alive after two months.

    The first 72 hours are critical in finding a missing person. Amazingly, an Australian man who had disappeared for two months was discovered alive.

    18-year-old, Matthew Allen went missing from his home near Sydney in late November of 2012. Numerous searches turned up nothing. Nine weeks later, two hikers reported witnessing a disoriented man in the bush land near Allen’s home.

    The unknown male turned out to be the missing teenager. According to rescuers, he had lost a great deal of weight and he was covered in leeches. It is also thought that he was suffering from gangrene.

    Detectives believe he kept out of sight at first, but due to his deteriorating condition, was unable to get up and move around. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was reunited with his loved ones.Law enforcement officials want to speak with him once he fully recovers.

    Last year, 59-year-old, Theresa Christian, from Oklahoma was reported missing by concerned family members. Four days later, after finally gaining entrance to the woman's apartment, Christian's son found her in a deep freezer.

    Amazingly, she was still alive. The family believed that she may have crawled in the freezer, due to bad weather and her fear of storms.