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Hunger in North Korea Leading to Cannibalism

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Hunger in North Korea is leading to cannibalism.

According to reports from citizen journalists working under cover for Asia Press in North Korea, people have been suffering from hunger and famine, and some have been driven to cannibalism.

The report states that there have been several incidents of cannibalism, where parents have decided to eat their dead children, or dig up dead family members to eat their flesh.

One man was executed by a firing squad because he was convicted of allegedly killing his two children and eating them.

The extreme hunger circumstances are part of what has been called a “hidden famine” that may have claimed 10 thousand lives last year.

Hunger and starvation have been ongoing problems for many of the citizens of North Korea.

Stunted growth is a sign of malnutrition, and now the North Korean military has lowered their height requirement for service to just four feet seven inches.

According to a report by the United Nations, even in the capital city of Pyongyang, one out of every five children has stunted growth, and in the more rural province of Ryanggang, half of the children are malnourished.