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    The Twin House in Oklahoma

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    Boy/girl twins seem to be related to an Oklahoma City residence.

    One home in Oklahoma City is referred to as the “The Twin House.”
    Chelsea Smith and her husband Brady are the current owners. In 2011, a woman told the pair to make sure their birth control was adequate because the last two couples that lived in the home had boy/girl twins.

    The Smiths laughed it off, but soon others began commenting on “The Twin House". Then in early 2012, Chelsea suspected she might be pregnant.

    Shortly after, she had an ultrasound which revealed that she was going to have twins. In August, the couple welcomed a baby boy and girl into the world.

    This makes three consecutive twins in the residence. Previously, in 2002, a couple moved into the home with 4 month old boy/girl twins.

    The next couple that lived in the house found out they were expecting twins of the opposite sex in 2010.

    In another report, it wasn’t the house that signified consecutive babies, but a date. Monique and Jeremy Houston wed on Christmas day 2010. Then their first son was born on December 25th 2011. One year later, on Christmas Day 2012, their second baby boy was born.