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    Mare Reportedly Raped and Killed by Stallion

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    A mare is raped and killed by a stallion.

    A man from Malaysia is looking for answers following the traumatic death of his horse. The 35-year-old businessman was the proud owner of a five-year-old mare.

    The animal died on January 21st, after an Arabian stallion reportedly raped and murdered her. The male had recently acquired the mare after a friend had given her away.

    The new owner sent her to a nearby stable for a two-week rehabilitation, but he learned of her death less than a week later. A caretaker had discovered the female horse on the ground with severe injuries to her head and bite marks on her body.

    Her private area was also bleeding. A veterinarian concluded that she had been raped and killed. Police officials discovered that a stallion had been placed in the mare’s enclosure the same day that she died. The case has received attention from several animal rights groups.

    A director of the Malaysian Veterinary Services Department has publicly claimed that mares and stallions should never be kept in the same enclosure and that stable employees should be well aware of that fact. The veterinary official stated “they should observe this at all times and be aware that stallions are aggressive when they want to mate.”