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    Charges Filed Against Couple Who Rescued Deer

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    Legal charges have been filed against a couple who rescued a deer.

    Some laws just don’t seem right. Jeff Counceller, who is a police officer and his wife, Jennifer are facing legal charges after they rescued a baby deer.

    The Indiana couple was charged with the misdemeanor crime of illegal possession of a white-tailed deer, which means they could spend two months in jail. The Councellers discovered the hurt female animal in 2010.

    The Department of Natural Resources initially ordered the couple to return her back to the wild. However, they took her home and treated her injuries.

    Jeff and Jennifer requested a rescue permit, but they were denied. Last year, the Department of Natural Resources scheduled a euthanization date for the deer, but she mysteriously disappeared from the home on the day of her appointment.

    Recently, a woman in British Columbia, Janet Schwartz opened up a letter from the Ministry of Environment. She was ordered to release her pet from her home or she would face legal charges.

    Schwartz has lived with a deer, named Bimbo for the past decade. In a surprising twist, shortly after the date of the letter, government officials reversed their decision and allowed her to keep Bimbo.