Rahul Gandhi at AICC session in Jaipur: New generation wants changes in our system of governance

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while delivering his first speech at Congress’ chintan shivir at the Jaipur on the concluding day said that the people of this country are his life and he will fight for them.
“The new generation is telling us that India’s system of governance is stuck in the past; it has become a system that robs people’s voice; a system that disempowers instead of empowering; But why we have been in this situation? Our ministries do the work of panchayats” said Rahul Gandhi. He added “Power is grossly centralized in our country. We only empower the people at the top of our system. We don’t believe in empowering the people all the down all the way in the bottom. Every single day I meet people with tremendous understanding. Almost everywhere they are kept out of system.. No one can hear their voice.. No matter how much they try to speak.. no one listens.. I also meet people holding high positions.. they have tremendous voice but no understanding of the issues at hand..”