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    Thrash Or Die - Fatal Fury


    by Thrash_OR_DIE

    Off the 2011 debut release "Poser Holocaust" from Empingao Records. Hailing from South Florida.

    Featuring Dr. Fukk (Ralph Viera) on Vokills, Triplesixxx Whoremangler (Chris Placeres) on Bass, Darth Vodka (Cesar Placeres) on Drums, Hellvomit Sodomizer (William Barter) on Guitar and Mario Cianci on Guitar.

    Filmed in Hialeah Florida. Live footage from The Culture Room in Ft.Lauderdale Florida. Also Featuring Pat Posse.

    Poser Holocaust is available at our merch store.!/thrashordie.fl?sk=app_7146470109

    Also available on amazon, CD baby and S.A Music in Japan.

    You can also download the full album on I-TUNES and Zune.

    Fatal Fury is a song about addiction of many type of vices. *Lyrics*
    I Been here long before you were born
    I will carry on after you are gone
    Casting Shadows, eating minds
    Death surrounds me yet I survive
    Stab your back when you turn
    Ill salt your wounds and make you burn
    Bend your soul until you crack
    I am King Kong and I'm on your back

    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury

    Run head first plow into me
    I'll bait your fate with dependency
    Drown in my grip until your lungs are full
    Locked in my plug and I'm about to pull
    Rip you to shreds with hypodermic hook
    Tomorrow is fiction and I'll close the book
    Cleans your soul until it rust
    It crashes to ashes trust to dust

    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury

    Just when they thought they knew the answers...I change the question

    Gluttony arteries have no flow
    Cartilage has holes and you're about to blow
    Inhaling cancer until it devours
    Water your cirrhosis until your pushing flowers
    Place your bet until your fortunes gone
    I'm composing melodies to your swan song
    I'll write the final chapter to your final days
    Until as you're still breathing I will not go away

    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury

    (Music : HellVomit Sodimizer/ Lyrics: Dr.Fukk)