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    Lady Gaga "ARTPOP" Release Date


    by ClevverMusic

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    Little Monsters we have some very secretive details for you thanks to Mother Monster's Twitter account! You are watching ClevverMusic, your source for music news. It is not a secret that Lady Gaga is working on her fourth studio album called "ARTPOP" and fans are growling with anticipation at the thought of new Monster music. Yesterday, January 29th Lady Gaga tweeted, "Oh. And when I tell you the album release date, I suggest you plan a party with your friends. Maybe I will too." So naturally this tweet would suggest she is planning to unveil the release date soon, but she may have already done so.

    Five weeks ago Lady Gaga tweeted, "ARTPOP 5/12/2013" and then deleted it about a minute later. While May 12th is a Sunday, this date would make sense because we know it's coming sometime this Spring. Oddly, the 12th is also Mother's Day here in the US. Many hardcore fans believe this tweet was fake and is not legitimate, however based on this video footage we have to say it seems pretty real to us.

    While ClevverMusic cannot 100% confirm this release date, we do know that Gaga has confirmed a date for the release as told by this previous tweet. We also think it's pretty cute that she refers to the album as a "she". Maybe that's why a Mother's Day release would also make sense? Let us know your thoughts on all this speculation. Do you think May 12th is the release date for "ARTPOP"? Tell us! I'm Misty Kingma, thanks so much for tuning in to ClevverMusic, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic.