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    Kesha Gets a Reality Show "My Crazy Beautiful Life"


    by ClevverMusic

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    Lots of glitter, animals, and sexy ghosts are coming to a TV screen near you! You're tuned in to ClevverMusic your source for music news. Ke$ha was on a new MTV talk show called "Nikki & Sara Live" last night as their first-ever guest to talk about her new documentary TV series, also on MTV. Nikki & Sara presented KeSha with a kitten at the start of the interview, because Kesha previously told Seventeen she would never do an interview without a kitten present. On the show Kesha revealed her new reality show on MTV is called "KeSha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" which follows her around in her daily life and it's not all glamorous she says. The no-limits show was shot by her brother and a friend who followed her around with cameras for two years. The show will debut in April and will feature "blood, sweat, tears", Kesha peeing in a plant and behind-the-scenes of making her current album "Warrior". What else will you see? Kesha's obsession with beards and animals.

    During the "Nikki & Sara" interview Kesha also had some noteworthy quotes. While talking about her year long trip taking care of animals around the world she revealed, "I like animals more than people" and "I think I was a lion in my past life". Kesha also touched on her ghost sex rumors confirming she used to live in a house where there was a ghost that groped her. Are you ready to see the real Kesha play out on TV? Check the description for a link to view a promo for Kesha's new show! For us, April can't come soon enough. Thanks so much for tuning in to ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood.