Catching Fire Arena Set Sneak Peek via Google Maps

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Thank you, Google! Seriously, thank you. If you haven't heard, the top search engine has revealed an aerial view of the set of Catching Fire. While we may be on our way to Big Brother style sharing of information, we are not complaining this round. So these images showcase the beach that production created in Atlanta's Clayton County International Park. In fact, here's a little film factoid for you. The 75th annual Hunger Games is going down in real-life Olympic Games stadium because this Catching Fire set is the location for the 1996 Summer Olympics volleyball matches. Alright, so let's break down these satellite images! As you can see, the area features a clock-like shape with what seems to be a one-hour tick-tock segment and two tribute launch pads are in there. Perhaps this is where Katniss and Peta start off the competition?? Also, you can see the cornucopia, chalk full of weapons, although at this distance, we can't actually make out any... and as a fan of the book-turned-movie series, I'm actually happy that we're just getting a sneak peek versus the whole shebang. And the latest news about CF production is that the cast is shooting in New Jersey's Ringwood State Park -- under the fake movie name, The Idiom -- apparently this is the title used in Atlanta for real castings. So bringing it back to the current production schedule, we hear that they're shooting scenes for the beginning of the movie, and that the cold, damp and slightly snowy atmosphere was perfect for the film followup. Alright, if you want more details on Catching Fire, especially as we get closer to the November 22 theatrical release date later this year, subscribe to ClevverTV right now. I'm Dana Ward in Hollywood, see ya next time.

Hosted by: Dana Ward