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    Keith Carey 50K in 90 Days | Empower Network | Day 10 | Stop Resisting, LET GO!

    Keith Carey

    by Keith Carey

    Stop Resisting, LET GO!

    Have you ever had one of those days that it seems like no matter what you do, it just goes south? And it' seems to be one thing after the other. And you become more and more frustrated... and then things really tend to pile up and take you in a completely different direction than you originally intended.

    Stop Resisting, LET GO!

    I know it sounds easier than it is when you're in the middle of the shit, but it is truly the only answer that makes sense unless you want to run your head into a brick wall about 15 times.

    I know you want to scream you head off Stop Resisting, LET GO!
    You probably want to punch somebody Stop Resisting, LET GO!
    Maybe you want to climb back into bed and pull the covers over your head until it's all better (probably not a bad idea hahaha) Stop Resisting, LET GO!
    If you are dealing with an institution and get caught up in the red tape Stop Resisting, LET GO!

    Take the path of the least resistance... make lemons into lemon aid, quit trying to swim up stream. It's not working. Put your boat in the water and float easily downstream...

    There is always a reason that you are going through whatever it is that your going through RIGHT NOW. ACCEPT IT. STOP FIGHTING. Take a deep breath and let it flow... You only have this moment, make it a great moment. It's Now O'clock. Make up your mind to be happy right now. The past is gone - that's History. The future isn't here which we call a mystery. All you have is right now the present which is why we call it a gift. Enjoy it.

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