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    Pentek DGD-5005 Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter

    Tony Lillie

    by Tony Lillie

    The Pentek DGD-5005 water filters have two separate gradient density layers that enhance cartridge performance. It has a 50 micron pre-filter fine sediment water filter layer and a 5 micron post-filter extra-fine sediment water filter layer. The larger diameter of the pre-filter reduces the particle load to the post filter, allowing it to operate at higher velocities. The effective DGD-5005 filter depth is increased to a full 233% of standard spun-polypropylene or string-wound filters. This increased depth provides for very high particulate reduction efficiencies and added loading capacity. They reduce the need for multiple housing step-down filtration systems. They are designed to reduce extra-fine dirt, sand, sediment, silt, rust particles, and scale particles. The Pentek DGD-5005 water filters are pure polypropylene construction resistant to chemicals and corrosion. They are designed for purity, bacteria resistance, and chemical resistance. The Pentek DGD-5005 water filter cartridge will not add taste, odor, or color to the liquid being filtered and has three times the dirt-holding capacity of similar sized sediment water filter cartridges. This water filter is ideal for all residential, rural, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.