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    Here's My Two Cents On The Winner's Image Personal Development Course By Bob Proctor

    Adrian Hines

    by Adrian Hines

    A few days ago I was laying in the bed, recovering from some random flu.

    All of a sudden I got a knock on the door. I was expecting a person to be dropping off some freshly baked chocolate brownies.

    So I gathered myself together, looked in the mirror and my unbrushed hair, and said what the heck. I walked downstairs in my navy blue pajama pants with my gray long john Old Navy shirt on, I opened up the door and was a little surprised.

    It was the mail man with a long priority shipping box.

    It wasn’t the fresh baked brownies I was anticipating.


    Then I saw that my name was on the box and who it was from.

    Quickly the face of disappointment disappeared and a rusty grin was now appearing.

    After I thanked the mail man, I shut the door, and got walked back upstairs. I thought I was running but in reality I was just walking. My mind was playing tricks on me.

    I began to tear open the box like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

    My grin was getting wider and wider.

    Finally after what seemed like forever with me trying to open the box, I was able to see the components that were inside.

    There where 4 cases of Bob Proctor’s personal development series, each one being different.

    The nerd in me was like a kid in the candy store.

    I finally settled on which one I was to listen to first.

    I chose The Winner’s Image.

    And boy am I glad I did.

    You see, I’m an entrepreneur, in the internet marketing world. I’m actually one of the few that works full time from home.

    I had just gotten back from an event in Austin earlier in the week. I was discussing with a few business partners about my income being stuck at a certain level and how I was going to overcome it.

    After listening to the 3 disc and watching the old school DVD of The Winner’s Image I now have better clarity on how to get it done.

    There was one thing that Bob Proctor said that literally made me pause the cd and really ponder.

    He gave an example of a man that’s goal was to write $1 million in sales for his company in a year.

    He starts off with a good week of writing $300,000. But because his conditioning, old way of thinking was set to write $1 million for the whole year, something went off in his braining informing him he was off track and he needs to bring it back down a few notches.

    So his old habits kick in. Although he was on pace to blast the $1 million dollar goal out the water, his old conditioning got him back to his comfort zone and the sales man ended up writing only $1 million dollars in business that year.

    At that moment I realized that my old self image is what’s keeping me stuck. Your old self image is what’s keeping you stuck.

    Whenever I started off good or hit a streak in my business when everything was going good, somehow some way my old conditioning said you need to tone it down a notch and come back to normal.

    And before I knew it my sales results and income was back to normal.