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    Kim Jong-Un Urges Need For National Unity


    by IBTimesTV


    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday (January 29) urged low-ranking party officials to work for national unity to help the country become powerful.

    Kim spoke at the closing ceremony of the 4th Meeting of Secretaries of Cells of the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK).

    "Our successful satellite rocket launch last year was a historical achievement which showed off our strong national power. Also it was a great upheaval which hammered the enemies who were trying to crush us with vicious scheming,"

    "We should become an economic power and achieve a definite turning point for our people's lives so that a flag of victory can be floating high at our strong communist nation," Kim added.

    The speech came at a time of international tension over North Korea's possible nuclear test.

    The reclusive North declared a boycott of all dialogue aimed at ending its nuclear program and vowed to conduct more rocket and nuclear tests, blaming the U.N. Security council censuring it for a long-range missile launch in December.

    Video Source: Reuters