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    Top Notchers - Put Away A Little Ray Of Golden Sunshine


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    Nothing at all is known about the Edison band featured on this side, according to the credits recorded in 1924. The only certainty here is that we are hearing George Wilton Ballard performing the vocal. George Wilton Ballard (1887-1950) was one of Edison's most popular tenors. He began recording in 1910 on US Everlasting cylinders. His first performance for Edison was released in 1914 on Blue Amberol cyliner #2150. Subsequent performances were released on about 70 cylinders and a similar number of Diamond Discs. He allegedly retired from studio work in 1923. However, the present song being edited in 1924, apparently he recorded for Edison till at least that same year. His last Edison recording released in 1926 was recorded several years before its release. Ballard teamed up with singer Helen Clark to record some very memorable duets. As for the lovely and quite catchy song performed here, it equally is totally forgotten today, although - taking into account the numerous sheet music copies - it seems at some point it was quite popular.