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    Guy Guy Girl Girl | Wild Sex Ep11

    Earth Touch

    by Earth Touch

    7 109 views Giraffe guys that get down, albatross ladies in love and beetles that just can't get enough sexy time ... If you thought monogamous guy-girl relationships were nature's norm, you're in for a serious shock or two!


    Presented by
    Dr. Carin Bondar "Biologist with a twist"

    Directed by
    Richard Slater-Jones

    Produced by
    Benjamin G Hewett

    Written by
    Carin Bondar
    Benjamin G Hewett
    Richard Slater-Jones

    Keith Fraser

    Boris von Schoenebeck

    Additional Cameraman
    Brennan Nurthen
    Daniel Philogene

    Sound Recordist
    Sakhile Radebe

    Adriaan Landman
    Trevor Paul

    Art Director
    Brenda Spaan

    Lindsay Patterson

    Production Manager
    Lara Cox
    Taryn Mavrodaris
    Leah Buckwalter

    Stock Footage
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    Make-up artists
    Laura Halgreen

    Still Images
    Charles Gilhousen
    Eugène Delacroix
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