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    Survival - Home Defense Survival Skills

    Marjorie Thornton

    by Marjorie Thornton


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    With the world in a dangerous state, our society could collapse due to any number of factors such as civil unrest, extreme weather, terrorism or economic problems. This will not necessarily be permanent, but what do we do whilst we wait for order to be restored? Survival will depend on being prepared for self sufficiency and a clear plan for surviving disaster.

    However, your survival skills and survival gear may not be enough if your home is vulnerable to attack from criminals and looters. Even your neighbours would be willing to plunder your resources after a time, not to mention the criminal elements who would be free to cause you mayhem and even death with no law enforcement to stop them.

    A home defense strategy is therefore crucial to protect your carefully prepared survivalist resources, and most importantly, will even help to safeguard the lives of your family and loved ones. Don't get caught out, get prepared, be ready. Who knows how much time we have to prepare?

    Good luck!