Baby Girl Is Born With Heart Outside Body

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A baby girl is born with her heart outside of her body.

A baby born with an extremely rare condition that caused her heart to develop outside of her chest has been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery.

Only eight in a million infants are born with this condition.

90 percent of the infants that are affected by the condition, called ectopia cordis, do not survive.

After a complicated six hour surgical procedure that involved specialists from multiple teams including cardiovascular, plastic and pediatric surgery, and many months in the hospital, baby Audrina Cardenas has now been released from Texas Children’s Hospital.

Doctor Charles D. Fraser, surgeon-in-chief at Texas Children's Hospital said: "We are very optimistic about the long-term prognosis. The baby will probably have to have operations in the future. Her sternum is about half formed but these are things we can deal with."

In another case concerning a rare infant illness, a baby in Colorado is undergoing treatments after getting infant botulism and is anticipated to make a full recovery. Botulism can be contracted by ingesting spores from dust or dirt, or by consuming honey or certain kinds of corn syrups.

Infants that are less than one year old are susceptible to the disease because they don’t have certain bacteria in their digestive tracts that fight off the disease.