UK's Negative Campaign to Keep Immigrants Away

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The UK has a negative campaign geared towards keeping immigrants away.

The British government has plans to create advertisements that focus on the negative side of living in the United Kingdom as an effort to deter immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania from moving there.

The advertisements are planned for a release next year around the same time that certain restrictions on labor markets of the European Union, including Romania and Bulgaria are being lifted.

One report quoted a British politician, as saying the advertisements would act to "correct the impression that the streets here are paved with gold.”

The UK is said to be struggling with a shortage of jobs, but the advertisements would be a strange direction to go after London was in the world spotlight during the 2012 Olympic games, and spent lots of money to improve their country’s reputation.

Usually places like to make themselves look good to drum up tourist dollars, but this isn’t the first time that the UK has been advertised as less than ideal.

In 2007, Eurostar promoted their Belgium to London train with an ad showing a skinhead soccer hooligan urinating into a tea cup, supposedly to represent the British sense of humor.