'Justice League' Movie's Fate In Superman's Hands


by ClevverMovies

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Justice League fans, rise up! We have a bit of speculation from Variety this morning that the fate of the DC team might be in your hands. The trade has a hunch that the future of the Justice League is dependant upon the success of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel at the box office this year. This report comes in the aftermath of Kevin Tsujihara just recently being named CEO of Warner Bros, which was big news for the studio. But why would Variety have such an opinion about our JL team? Well, they have heard from quote "Warners top brass" that the decision makers are waiting to see what the numbers look like after Man of Steel hits theaters on June 15th. And if they are looking to the former DC track record, it isn't necessarily glowing. Of course Christopher Nolan's work on the Bat pics certainly did well, but with Green Lantern under-performing at the box office in 2011, the studio may not be willing to spend the big bucks on Justice League, until they know if it's going to be worth it. If Man of Steel does perform well, the studio is planning on making Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash and the Green Lantern tentpoles just as Marvel did for their stand alone films. So, if you are a Justice League fan out there, and you are a bit anxious. My advice to you is run quickly to the Man of Steel trailer to get your peace of mind, because that thing is amaaaazing! That's weird nerd girl talk, right there!!! The report from Variety also says that Warner Bros would like to get the JL film out before 2015, which may suggest a 2014 release, but that may not be possible if they aren't expecting to have it greenlit until at least June. So, if our calculations are correct, that only leaves about a year for them to get it into theaters. Another point to consider is that there is a huge line up of anticipated blockbusters slated for 2015 including Star Wars, The Avengers 2, and Avatar 2, that we would almost like to see it happen sooner than later. So, are any of you out there really afraid that Man of Steel could halt the production of Justice League? And would you want Warner Brothers to take more time to make the movie, or get it out in 2015? Make sure you let us know in the comments section, and subscribe to our channel while you are at it! Thanks again for watching Clevver Movies, Im Erin White and we'll see you soon.