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    Bob Bennett: Entitlements Are Squeezing America to Death


    by FORA TV

    Bob Bennett: Entitlements Are Squeezing America to Death
    The George Washington University - Jack Morton Auditorium
    A panel of political experts, including Carli Fiorina and Scott Rigell, and James Fallows, discuss how to solve the American Crisis.

    Out of Time: An American Crisis will consider whether Americans can still come together to do great things. The program will consist of a role-play scenario that mirrors real world events and captures the dilemmas and tradeoffs as America struggles to get its fiscal house in order, wrestles with calamities in Europe, decides what it can afford, what it must cut and who will get priority. The debate and dilemmas highlighted will be chosen to have discernable local economic impact so that every American - Beltway officials, local mayors and business leaders, individual families - can relate to the stakes, tradeoffs and consequences.