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    General Characteristics of Kangen Alkaline Water (Water Ionizer System)


    by alkalinewaterionizer


    This unmatched power of deoxidation and detoxification is the reason why this water is rewarded with such a special status. Better yet, this is only water, after all. Since there are no known side effects, you can drink as much as your body needs to cleanse itself.

    At last, we may be looking at "the fountain of youth and health" on tap indeed. Would you like to turn your faucet into one?!

    General Characteristics of Kangen Water

    1. Ionized and Alkaline

    Since water (H2O) is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, it can be ionized and split into two different parts, the hydrogen-rich and the oxygen-rich, through the electrolysis process. Alkaline water is the hydrogen-rich part and is known to have a strong power to dissolve and soften materials.

    Although being ionized and alkaline itself isn't considered to have much medical merit to your body, you will find it extremely useful when it comes to cooking with this water. It not only shortens the cooking time but also extracts more flavors and essence from the food you are cooking. Even tea and coffee taste better. No wonder increasingly more restaurants and cafes in Japan are now taking advantages of this merit by installing commercial units in their kitchens, whether descreetly or loudly advertising.

    It is also known to prevent hangovers if you drink this water when, or even after, you consume alcoholic beverages, which are very acidic by nature. And guess what?! So many bars in Japan are now serving Kangen water as a part of their services.