Ionizer Water, Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water? (Water Ionizer System)

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Unlike reverse osmosis or distillation methods, which remove all minerals -leaving the water dead -this process concentrates the health-giving minerals in the water, and removes the unhealthy minerals to a separate stream into your sink. And unlike these other methods, our water ionizers run on an "on-demand" basis -- no need to make and store purified water in advance.

For millions of families in Japan, Korea, Australia and North America, alkaline water from Jupiter is their daily drink. Why are Jupiter water ionizers so popular? Because they restore to your tap water the same life-giving properties as the mountain water that has kept the Hunza people the longest-lived on the planet: In nature, as streams plunge over rocks, water picks up ionized minerals (electrolytes). Until the advent of large water systems, many people drank naturally ionized water.

Unfortunately, the water that makes its way to your tap has been capturing environmental pollutants, traveling in plastic and metal pipes, and been chlorinated, fluorinated, calcified etc. by treatment plants. The average glass of drinking water can have within it 2000 carcinogens.