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    The Fresh Face of 2013 - Non-Surgical Options for a Brand New You


    by mojovid2012

    The Fresh Face of 2013 - Non-Surgical Options for a Brand New You!

    Your face is capable of producing over 5,000 facial expressions! With new advances in non-surgical procedures, you now have one more reason to smile.

    In 2011, 12.2 MILLION minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the US. 95% of these were performed on the face.

    As we age...
    - Zits, bumps and redness — sadly, they don't disappear with high school graduation. 50% of women in their twenties suffer from acne
    - Since the skin is so delicate, by the time women are in their 30s they begin to experience undereye bags.
    - Most sun damage to our skin occurs before our 20, but the effects manifest into sunspots by our 40s
    - Small muscle contractions over a lifetime can result in crow’s feet and laugh lines in our 50s

    Skin Care products account for 31% of the global cosmetics industry. In most cases, creams and lotions alone won’t stop your aging skin from looking tired.

    Reverse damaging effects of aging with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures
    - BOTOX® - $365
    - Wrinkles smooth over and frown lines relax with the help of these noninvasive injections.
    - CHEMICAL PEEL - $653
    - This treatment uses a specific combination of advanced chemicals to slough off the rough, dull top layer of skin, leaving your complexion glowing and baby-smooth.
    - DERMAL FILLERS - $950
    - Sometimes called "liquid facelifts," these injections add volume to your face and fill in sagging areas.
    - The second layer of skin is stimulated with lasers to produce more collagen fibers, smoothing and tightening your cheeks.
    - This light treatment eliminates dead skin cells from the epidermis, allowing your skin's inner beauty to shine through.

    Why go minimally invasive?
    - Boost your confidence with cost-effective options
    - Quick and relatively painless procedures that could be completed over a lunch break
    - Short recovery time, with side effects subsiding within two days
    - Instant results

    3 out of 4 physicians said they treat patients who seek facial procedures to stay competitive in the workplace.

    Non-surgical facial procedures are ever-increasing in popularity: 123% increase in total minimally invasive cosmetic procedures from 2000 to 2011

    Buyer Beware! Popularity and the economic downturn ushered many non-medical personnel into the arena offering cosmetic treatments like BOTOX®. Beware of ads or promotions that sound too good to be true; they may be!
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