Kangen Alkaline Water & Eczema (Water Ionizer System)

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So what is Kangen Water anyway?
No, it's not a new filtration system nor a new bottled water. In fact, it’s been around for quite some time but it was only recent years that people in Japan rediscovered this water and started appreciating its unbelievable benefits. Now it’s a national sensation there...

So what is it then, really?

The word “Kangen” (pronounced, kan-ghen ) generally means “restoring” in Japanese, but “deoxidizing” might be a better fit in this particular situation with this water. The secret is all in the small machine which needs to be hooked up to your faucet.

Here is the process of how it’s made.

The tap water first gets purified by going through the internal filter, and then ionized through the electrolysis process, splitting the water into two parts; alkaline (hydrogen-rich) and acidic (oxygen-rich).

Kangen Water, in short, is the electrolyzed alkaline water with tremendous deoxidizing power. Its deoxidation measure is recognized in medical fields for its incredible effectiveness in many types of illness and diseases.