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The Goodrich Silvertown Orchestra was a musical variety radio program, sponsored by B. F. Goodrich and heard in different formats and timeslots from 1925 until 1935. The performers included Henry Burr (tenor), Carl Mathieu (tenor), James Stanley (baritone), Stanley Baughman (bass), Monroe Silver (comedian), Frank Banta (piano), and Sam Herman (xylophone). The Orchestra's theme music was "Her Waltz" by Arthur Johnston. The hour-long program of "orchestra, songs, character sketches" began on February 12, 1925 on WEAF in New York City, airing Thursday nights at 10pm ET. On November 19, 1926, the show moved to the NBC Red Network -- of which WEAF was the flagship station -- where it was heard Thursdays at 9pm ET (1926-27) and then Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET (1927-28). At various times the program was titled The Goodrich Zippers, The Silvertown Cord Orchestra, Silvertown Orchestra, Silvertown Quartet and The Silvertown Zippers. The Zippers were a small banjo ensemble featured in 1926-27. The show was notable for introducing listeners to Joseph M. White, aka "The Silver-Masked Tenor", who had first been heard on WEAF as early as 1923. With a mask concealing his secret identity, White found such fame on radio that when the Silvertown Orchestra played on the Keith vaudeville circuit, police had to escort White into theaters. In 1935-36, B. A. Rolfe was the bandleader on 15-minute pre-recorded programs created for syndication. This lovely recording was made in 1927, and we hear Joseph White in the vocal refrain.

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Thanks P. Pleased to see that my "gut feelings" are supported by serious research.
Par Boston Blackie Il y a 2 ans
Ginny, I agree this song is so lovely and tender. I'm delighted you enjoyed the sheet music too!
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
Jack, my both comments already vanished, it so annoying... I tried to say Mr. White probably did not foresee and that if he had, he might have been shocked. Along a number of talented musicians, too many dilettantes are taken for professionals today. Besides, what many people sense and say is now official according to scientific research: pop music is gradually evolving towards bland, boring uniformity: check http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/26/us-science-music-idUSBRE86P0R820120726
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
This was absolutely beautiful. I loved the "My Angel" sheet music cover especially.
All in all a beautiful post.
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) Il y a 2 ans
I wonder if Joseph M. White could ever have foreseen the coming era of rock when many performers would appear in costume or use other gimmicks to hide their basic lack of real musical talent? Did the Goodrich show precede The Voice of Firestone, another show devoted to high quality popular/light classical music?
Par Boston Blackie Il y a 2 ans