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    Fabulous Weight Loss Before and After Pictures


    by EasyDiet33

    fell asleep around midnight. I am so thankful I found you guys, because if I hadn't, I'd still just believe my doctor that nothing was wrong with me except depression, and things would probably only get progressively worse and this is no way to live life. No need to be sorry I'm trying to make the Easily Accessible Information topic easy to follow and comprehensive, but, a lot of information is always difficult to wade through, no matter how good the editing. We will always need the forum so we can ask for help. I'm looking at everything I've compiled, and its making me dizzy, too. However, it is helping me find all of the changes I need to make in my treatment and road back to health. How odd is that with my dx of hashi's and ebv which originally was thought to be MS ? I wonder why this isn't common knowledge or practice. I know you are interested in this treatment for yourself; have you found others, actual others, not from articles, that have done well with this treatment that have hashi's?. I have tried a few alternative treatment protocols, in fact, I think one of the first is what put me into a complete tailspin, but apparently some do work for some people. Nanook, when I read your post about "alternative therapies," I thought of LDN too. I just got mine in the mail from a compounding pharmacy. I wish I understood a little better of exactly HOW it works with thyroid antibodies. Apparently, some of his Hashi's patients have to decrease their Armour doses once getting going on LDN. He has seen remarkable success with MS patients. Even though I have it here-and I'm excited about it-I'm also nervous about trying something new. I want to feel better, but am afraid of throwing yet another thing into the mix. The best thing to do is to go on the www lowdosenaltrexone org website and read about it. It also includes some cautions for people with Hashi's www ahsta com is a website that supports people who are using LDN for autoimmune thyroid disease. Hashi's, AI, Celiac, Low Aldo, menopause, MVP, pyroluria. Another possibility is that the doc subscribes to the "the gut is the source" school of thought and will want you on a very strict diet, plus antifungals and probiotics. Thanks everyone! I wish I could post to his website directly, but I don't know if that is allowed since we aren't