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seeing a DO in Cincinnati in early November. I found him recommended on one of the "find an armour prescribing doc" websites. I've been charting my basal temp for him, which makes me feel like at least he is already looking at my symptoms instead of only my blood though I understand he does take blood and use those results as well . At any rate, when I scheduled the appointment, I told the receptionist that I did have thyroid antibodies present in my last set of lab work, and she told me that it was likely that Dr. Cincinnati I'll just refer to him as that for now would want me to do some alternative therapies that have been shown to heal the autoimmune side of things. My question is, has anyone here had any of those therapies done? What therapies might they be recommending to me? I'd like to do some research before he barrages me with these things, so I am prepared. I am generally rather skeptical of "alternative" therapies, but I am to the point of just wanting to find something that works whether the FDA approves it or not. The most prominant one we seem to talk about on this forum is low dose naltrexone. The following information is provided in the. Easily Accessible Information topic, but I have posted it here, especially for you. There are a number of proposed treatments to reduce or eliminate an antibody attack on the thyroid. Some people choose to try the STTM Method first, to see if suppressing the thyroid with Armour will eliminate the antibodies. If that does not work, or if you wish to try to stop the autoiimune attack before going on Armour, there are other treatments that you should read up on and consider:. LDN FOrum - This should be considered for any autoimmune disease. There are some other treatments, but I am still gathering information on them, myself. If anyone else knows of more treatments, please tell us. Thanks Lee I'm sorry I am barraging this board with so many questions. I am trying to sort through all the information here, but I am so d #m tired I can't read it all and comprehend it, and still get some housework done. If I at least know the names of things to research, it cuts out some of the wading, so I REALLY appreciate you posting the info here for me to look through. I went to bed last night, while trying to get some research done. I felt ill, but