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    by EasyDiet33

    http://www thyroid-info com/articles/pregnancy htm - Janet, moderator of the Children's Forum and the TSH and Labs Forum "Normal isn't good enough". Well, I definitely am not having signs of hyperthyroidism. Which is why I am so concerned about all this. Prior to getting pregnant, I was feeling pretty good. I had been taking adrenal supplements, which I know isn't the recommended course of action taken by most on this board, but the idea of doing hydrocortisone shots was too scary to me and my husband. But it was recommended that I go off of them when I got pregnant. I posted my cortisol results here before and you thought they were odd, given the really high levels in the AM. I'll post them in again Cortisol was saliva. Now this was from several months before I got pregnant. If my cortisol is low now which I assume it is , is there really anything I can do about it while pregnant? Also, why do you think my TSH is so low right now? Just because of the potential pooling telling my body I have way too much, even though it isn't getting use?. Congrats! If your doc is dosing by TSH, you will be undertreated. It sounds like you know your body and you knew it was getting more hypo. Your cortisol levels look very similar to mine. Okay in the morning and then dropping off for the rest of the day. If you are low in cortisol, it can cause nausea and vomiting. I don't have the info handy, but I remember reading that HC can help with morning sickness. Have the docs tested ferritin and vitamin D levels?. I know for a fact that they haven't specifically ordered those tests. However, I know they do a very detailed blood workup on you when you get pregnant. Shamefully, I have forgotten at every OB appointment to get a copy of these results. I have to be forgiven somewhat, because I was pretty much just trying to not throw up for months. I had no idea that there was a relationship between low cortisol and nausea/vomiting. Makes sense and gives me hope that maybe my next pregnancy, I won't feel like dying to get away from the sickness if I can get it under control. Seriously, I wouldn't wish HG on my worst enemy. So what can be done for low cortisol during