Floppy Cat Receives Funding for Life-Altering Surgery

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A floppy cat received funding for a life-altering surgery.

Harvey has a rare bone condition. The condition leaves him with floppy limbs, causing him to use his elbows to get around. He needs surgery to have metal pins inserted where bones are missing from his front legs.

Recently a cat charity was able to raise a hefty amount of money to fund the much needed operation for Harvey.

Officials from the Cats Protection's Glasgow branch heard about the kitty's story and decided to spread the word to raise funds.

Amazingly the charity was able to collect more than $4,500 over the course of three days. Harvey is currently in a foster home, but he will receive the operation when he is six-months old.

Last year, another pet was able to receive the help she desperately needed. Kabang, the female dog from the Philippines threw herself in front of a moving motorcycle to save her owner's daughter and niece from getting hit.
The dog lost its snout and upper jaw. A website dedicated to raising money for her earned over 20 thousand dollars to pay for her travel expenses and medical care.