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    Drunk Driver Arrested in Police Department's Lot

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    A drunk driver is arrested in a police department's parking lot.

    Police in Barnstable recently had an easy job catching an alleged drunk driver. 57-year-old Michael Sheehan was arrested after he failed a field sobriety test which was administered right in the police department’s parking lot.

    The ordeal started when Sheehan drove right past two signs that read ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Police Personnel Only’. He continued maneuvering his vehicle down the mysterious driveway which led to the rear parking area of the police department.

    It wasn’t hard for officers to catch up with the suspect, who was soon charged with trespassing by motor vehicle and driving while under the influence. Barnstable Sergeant Michael Riley states “We didn’t even have to transport him”.

    Recently, law enforcement officers in New Hampshire conducted another easy arrest. A 31-year-old male, Jonathan Sullivan from Massachusetts parked in the police department’s restricted lot and took a nap.

    He stopped about 15 feet from cruisers and left the car running. After a few minutes, an officer woke Sullivan up and conducted a field sobriety test, which he failed.