Granny Drives Wrong Car Home

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A granny drives the wrong car home from the grocery store.

Senior drivers are an easy target for comedians.

Recently an 80-year-old Swedish woman returned home from the grocery store with more than food. The lady reportedly hopped into the wrong car, used the keys that were already in the ignition and made her way home, completely unaware that she wasn’t driving her own vehicle.

When the elderly woman arrived at her residence, she parked in the garage and went inside. Later that afternoon, her daughter noticed that the parked car looked nothing like her mother’s vehicle.

The police were contacted and the other automobile was returned to its rightful owner. The 80-year-old was reunited with her own car, which remained where she had left it, in the supermarket’s parking lot.

This isn’t the first unintentional theft. Recently, an elderly couple in Oregon drove the wrong car home from the store and kept it for five days. The keys had been left inside.

Police eventually called the pair to inquire why their vehicle had been abandoned in the supermarket’s parking lot, but the couple simply told officers it was in their driveway. The mix-up was soon straightened out and no charges were filed.