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    Secret Service Dog Dies While Casing for Joe Biden's Visit

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    by Geo Beats

    A Secret Service dog falls to its death.

    Protecting our nation's leaders comes with a high degree of risk. Recently, a Belgian Malinois professional dog fell to its death after doing a security check on a six-story parking deck in New Orleans, which was close to a hotel where Vice President Joe Biden was speaking.

    A spokesperson for the Secret Service stated that the death was a “tragic accident”. Biden had been the speaker at a fundraiser which was held at The Ritz-Carlton.

    Agents and police officials rushed the dog to a nearby veterinary hospital, via a motorcade but sadly the efforts didn’t pay off and the animal was pronounced dead.

    In 2009 another professional dog lost its life. Chase, a Minneapolis canine fell from the third story of a former car dealership while searching for burglary suspects.

    He was taken to a veterinary hospital but sadly, Chase could not be saved. The chief of police stated “the loss of a canine partner is very hard on the family of the officer who raise these animals as their own.”