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    Camels Race To The Finish Across India's Sand Dunes


    by IBTimes

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    The International Camel Festival, held in India’s northwest, featured a camel race that enthralled locals and tourists alike.

    Jockeys raced the camels across the sand in front of the huge crowd, which excited Australian tourist Moya.

    "Yeah it's been really great. We have come from Bikaner town, travelled out here. We saw the wrestling, the camel races, lots of fun. Nearly got run over by a camel. It's really good, yeah it's fun,” Moya said.

    The three day festival (January 26 to January 28) also offered visitors the opportunity to watch camels dancing to traditional music, camel decoration competitions and camel wrestling.

    "It's my first time seeing a camel race in my life but it was really cool. It looks really dangerous. Yeah the whole festival is cool, there's a lot of activities all the time. The wrestling was really cool as well," said Joseph, a tourist from Ireland.

    Camels are often referred to as the 'ship of the desert', because of their incredible ability to store water in their humps for several days.