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    Santa Appears by John Kaplan (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Ever been faced with having to make someone - Santa the CEO a celebrity guest of honor - magically appear
    John Kaplan has. On many occasions for the same client which meant that it had to be done differently each time. Here you will find a half-dozen of Johns favorite appearance illusions... proven practical real-world methods by which you can make virtually anybody magically appear
    SIX SPELLBINDING STUNTS thatll enable you to make the Guest of Honor magically appear...
    in a FLASH
    from an EMPTY SCREEN
    with a STORYBOOK ending
    through a startling TRANSFORMATION
    from Johns completely original and unique TRIANGLE Illusion
    Disk Contains printable PDF files with
    construction details
    complete descriptions
    photos of the actual props
    PLUS LIVE PERFORMANCE video footage so you can see EXACTLY how each of these illusions plays in front of an audience
    NOTE The disk is a CD ROM and requires a computer for viewing its contents.