Color Changing Cane 3 Fluorescent Dancing (Professional two color) by Jeff Lee - Magic Trick

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An unbelievable miracle has occurred The Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE has finally appeared and it is awesome
This is a SUPER revolution in the history of the dancing CANE. First the Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE is SUPER BRIGHT. Even in broad daylight the whole piece is blazing bright like crazy.
When Jeff Lee finished making it he couldnt take his eyes off the miracle dazzling in front of him. This beauty definitely possesses a mysterious attraction that makes its witnesses fall in love with it at first sight. Its irresistible charm makes you crave to touch it the second you see it Once getting hold of it youll be reluctant to ever let it go
Advantages to Jeff Lees Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE
One piece specially-designed PVC plastic construction
Functions like other dancing CANEs in that it flies as you wish
Includes thread and easy-packing carry case
What makes Version 3.0 so special
Powerful microchip technology that regulates a constant level of illumination so the closing of your routine is as powerful as the beginning. Instantaneous color change (transformation) from one color to another (red/blue) The item is so exceptionally well constructed that you will be thrilled even before your turn it on - and in a state of nirvana when you hit the on switch That light will not only impress you it will melt away any buyers remorse you may have had It also comes professionally packaged with a super-strong circular plastic storage tube. This version also features a rechargeable battery (charger works in within 100v to 240v).
The design is solid and sleek and features an easy but firm on/off button so ignition is a breeze and it will stay on without worry.
Dimensions Approximately 33 x 1.25