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    Wonder Eye by Ryota - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    An Eyeball-shaped doll finds your selected card
    There are a lot of magic effects that use a doll or a mini car to find a chosen card in various ways.
    But with those the spectator does not freely decide where to place the doll/car to search for the selected card.
    However that option becomes possible at last.
    Thats Wonder Eye.
    The magician takes a deck of cards out of a case and shows that each of cards are different.
    He also takes the Wonder Eye out of his pocket and announces Today my assistant find your chosen card.
    Let the spectator choose one card and look at it also let Wonder Eye see it but not the magician.
    The magician puts the card in the deck and shuffles.
    He spreads the cards to four lines on a table to make a card carpet.
    Let the spectator put Wonder Eye on that carpet with the following conditions
    Wind the spring as much as they like
    And put it wherever they like
    towards any direction
    In other words the spectator puts the doll on the carpet quite freely.
    However Wonder Eye stops exactly on the chosen card.
    no magnet
    no thread
    no assistant
    no force
    no rough and smooth
    quick reset
    the doll is examinable
    perform surrounded
    show that each of cards are different
    include everything you need
    And two more Bonus Tracks
    Both are high-impact card magic.
    Any Card at Any Number
    Master Color Change
    Includes Wonder Eye doll red bicycle deck and DVD
    Can not choose the color of eye and feet (red blue green)