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    Single Spindle CNC Router Machine

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    Single Spindle CNC Router Machine:
    It’s a Best machine for Cutting and Engraving of WOOD, ALUMINUM, ACRYLIC SHEET, MDF, PLYWOOD, machine work in three axis X-Y-Z. Simply download the CAM Software in Computer, make drawing according to your product and then machine will ready for your Job. Best machine for small shops, small industry, trophy manufacturing and any item as you wish.

    This CNC Prototyping System is designed as a multi-use platform. This tight little package unites CNC routing with CNC drilling, CNC engraving, and CNC cutting. A generic mounting plate is included to accept your chosen tool holder. CNC technology is now affordable, versatile, mobile and easy to use.

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    CNC Solution, Lahore Pakistan
    Munawar Hussain Mughal