What is a Colema Board? (Colon Hydrotherapy)

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There are probably going to be a number of colonic irrigations in the detoxification - the precise number can alter between programs. How does one perform a colema ? A colema is performed in the privacy of a rest room employing a colema board. The water is postponed at a high level so it is gravity fed. Lying on your back you insert the tube from the water supply into your rectum and permit the water to slowly fill your bowel and abdominal tract. It is then released on to the colema board and into the john. This process aids the release of unwelcome deposits in your bowels. Other stuff fasting & health retreats and centers use to help detox in a fast include liver flush drinks & herbal food additions. Liver flush drinks are typically composed from bentonite clay and a mix of other natural ingredients. As the name says this helps in cleaning the liver. The herbal food additions are as tablets. Yoga is also customarily offered as a part of a retreat program to help the mind in winding down and relaxing as well as toning your body.
The quantity of Yoga and if it is included or additional varies between programs and retreat centers. Eventually at the end of a fast most detoxify and fasting retreats help you back on to solid food by advising the best "de-tox" diet. They might also provide you with an implant to help your bowel and digestive system to get back to business function swiftly.