Vivaha Prapti Mantras - Sowmangalya Prarthana

The perfect wedding
Apart from post- and pre-marriage rituals, a traditional Indian wedding is itself full of ancient Vedic customs. In most arranged marriages, parents go to great lengths to figure out the compatibility between the would-be bride and groom.
Besides horoscope matching, Indian brides and grooms also have to stick to other customs to ensure a happy life together. They must make seven circles around the holy fire. The groom chants mantras with each step. Symbolically, through these mantras, he seeks the bride's support through his life — in good times and bad — and makes a particular request with each step.
According to Hindu religious texts, Brahma created man from the right shoulder and woman from his left shoulder. A woman is therefore referred to as Vamangi or one who is on the left side. Throughout the marriage ceremony, the bride sits on the right side of the groom. Only when the bride and groom have exchanged marital vows — and are pronounced as man and wife by the priest — is the wife made to sit on the man's left.

In addition, Indian Hindu weddings can take place only on days that are declared "auspicious". The families are required to consult with priests to pre-determine the best date and ward off evil omens on an inauspicious one.
The Chanting has been rendered by Dr. Thiyagarajan, H.O. Department of Sanskrit