Man Weightlifts with Eyelids in China

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And before we go today, a look at a man with unique, if not freakish talents.

Be warned, it isn't pretty.

Meet Wang Xianxiang. He's seen here at a talent show over the weekend in Hunan province, lifting two buckets of water with his eye lids.

That's right, attached to the bottom of Wang's eye are two plastic hanger hooks. On the bottom, water with a combined weight of 9 pounds.


That's not all he can do. Wang can also blow up, literally, a balloon, not with his mouth, but his nostrils.

But going back to those eyes, Wang says he's not happy with what they can hold now. According to NBC News, he wants to train so that by the end of the year, he can hold 11 pounds with each lid.

But for most of you watching, I think it's safe to say, we've seen quite enough.

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